Radio with Pictures is the inside story of the birth and growth of Australian television over its first 50 years. Itís gripping, itís colourful and it is about the people who made the industry: the on-air personalities, the cameramen, writers, electricians directors and producers, and the media barons who created this powerful medium from the ground up.

Radio with Pictures tells the story from the very beginning: the Royal Commission, the hearings to decide the first licence holders and the race to be first on air. It then traces the story with humour and insight in genre right up until today. Illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs Ė here is the story of Australian television told as it has never been told before.

Finally it poses the question: Australian Television has been with us for fifty years, and has helped shape everything we are, but does it have a future?

According to the author:

My role has been as the narrator of this remarkable tale. The story itself has been told through the eyes of the people who were there and who actually created television in Australia. Itís their story.

I really hope this work adds to the historical material available, and that you find it as fascinating to read as I did to write.

Best wishes,
Brendan Horgan